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Content Transformation

The FlexTraining Learning Management System has the ability to deliver a wide variety of technology formats to your online learners. In fact, you can utilize learning content in any format that can be read by a web browser, including HTML, text, images, video, audio, Flash, PowerPoint, Word and formats created by third-party authoring tools like Toolbook. These formats are delivered, tracked and managed without "converting" them into a special format for FlexTraining; they are simply utilized in their native format.

You may elect to convert content from one format to another. Why? You will want to select the best format for your learning content, taking into consideration the volume of your material, the technology available to your audience and the connection speeds of your learners.

Below are just a few examples of content formats that you might want to consider transforming before using it in your online courses.

Examples of Content Transformation

Source Format
Convert To
PowerPoint HTML No need for learner to have PowerPoint on his computer. Also yields smaller files, faster loads. Dramatic improvement in learner's response time.
PowerPoint FlexAuthoring(TM) Same as above, along with ability to insert multimedia and exercises. Interactive exercises improve knowledge retention.
Word FlexAuthoring(TM) Break up large documents into digestible learning screens. Also learner does not need to have Word installed. An example might be a procedures or technical manual.
Video File Streaming Video Much faster transfer to each learner; smaller files. May use with text and images in FlexAuthoring templates.
Audio File Streaming Audio Much faster transfer to each learner; smaller file sizes. May use as audio narration in any or all FlexAuthoring templates.
Toolbook FlexAuthoring(TM) Learners don't need a plug-in; better speeds and reliability. Avoids unpredictable crashes and glitches.

There are many other examples. Please contact us to discuss your learning content and your training environment.