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Licensing: Getting Started

Perhaps you believe that online training systems are complex or expensive, and many are. But FlexTraining is totally different. It combines native web architecture, a streamlined management interface and a powerful set of features. It's not just easy-to-use, it's also versatile, reliable and economical.

The FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution is as easy to license and install as it is to use for your online courses.


Review the FlexTraining Web Site
You are already here. Be sure and check out our Pressroom for summary information on the latest releases.
Complete the Online Contact Form
You'll help us respond by identifying your company or organization and describing your project, your needs and your timeframe.
Match Your Solution
In this step, an e-Learning consultant will answer your questions and demonstrate how FlexTraining meets your particular requirements. If you are a consultant, expect to introduce us to your client during this step.
Solution Proposal
Your e-Learning consultant will prepare a custom proposal, based on the analysis you have done together, for your management team to review and approve. Course development and/or content transformation services are included in the proposal if needed. If you wish to utilize FlexTraining as an online subscription rather than an internal software package, that option is also available.
Approval and Delivery
As soon as you have approved your proposal, we'll send you an official software license. When that is complete, the FlexTraining Total e-Learning Solution will be on its way to you in 48 hours or less.
Begin e-Learning
In most cases you'll start building courses within a day or two, after configuring FlexTraining through a simple point-and-click interface. And you can take your e-Learning project "live" while you continue to create and schedule additional classes.
Upgrades and Support
Annual upgrades are a very economical way to continue acquiring advanced features in the latest software as it is released.

Tiered License fees and discounts for multiple sites

New tiered pricing means we have a price that's right for the size of your company, organization or educational institution. Special discounts are also available for companies with multiple sites.