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Multiple Licenses

Multi-Site & Multi-Organization Projects

An Internet based learning portal can make education-on-demand available to learners distributed around town or around the world. Sharing a web-based learning platform can be an economical way to train a large number of users quickly and efficiently.

While the Internet makes possible the sharing of a web based e-Learning solution from various locations and organizations, there are many instances where additional training environments and additional learning management software can provide even greater benefits. Benefits include:

  • Control of server hardware and network infrastructure

  • Customization of learning material or e-Learning software to match unique local requirements

  • Handling large volumes of learners, courses and/or multimedia learning content

  • Allowing each location to set system configuration and processing options to meet their specific needs

Often a large organization will select a common software solution for subsidiaries or divisions. In other instances, organizations operating at a peer level will choose to implement the same technology. In either case, the multi-site purchase of a common e-Learning solution allows these diverse organizations to leverage expertise, accelerate schedules and minimize total investment while each location reaps the full benefits of online learning in its own unique way.

An organization with a number of small entities and several large entities presents many challenges, but licensing a common e-Learning solution shouldn't be one of them. All three FlexTraining license types - Express, Standard and Enterprise - are available with multi-site discounting of your one-time license fee. Whether you need to train employees at several corporate divisions in support of a global e-Learning initiative or need to roll out a consistent training platform to a number of educational institutions, we have the answer.

FlexTraining rewards the combined purchasing power of your multi-site organization with the following progressive discount structure:

License Discount Percentage
Second, Third & Fourth 30% discount each (fee depends on License Type)
Fifth through Ninth 40% discount each
Tenth license and all subsequent licenses 50% discount each

FlexTraining software can also be delivered to all sites simultaneously, or timed deliveries can be attached to coincide with your deployment or "rollout" schedule.